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A bunch of wild olive branches, plumbago flowers and the small birds indigineous to South Africa that live in these bushes


Curtains will all be custom made to your requirements and design.

We work on our per meter price with an added makers-fee, just like you would for using an interior decorating service. Get in touch for your perfect fit curtain & colours.

You can choose any P&D paint colour as background for your curtain colours, or choose from these Themed Colourways. We will quote you on your curtains according to size and type you want. Send us a mail

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You can choose any P&D paint colour as background for your headboard colours, or choose from these Themed Colourways.

Headboards come with one of two options for home installation:

 Hooks to hang on your wall behind the bed, or on two feet to slide in behind your bed.


We can also upholster your current upholstered headboard – just send us a picture and dimensions, we will send you a quote.

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Headboard pricing guide:

All prices incl. VAT

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You can choose any P&D paint colour as background for your wallpaper colours, or choose from these Themed Colourways.

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Wallpaper pricing guide

How to work out a rough quote

  • Price per m² : R600.00

  • Width of paper: 1.35m

  • Texture: Canvas weave

Application: Wallpaper Glue

Our scratch resistant wallpapers are printed on a woven canvas texture, this gives your walls a beautiful,

natural look and feel.

We can also print on vinyl wallpapers and outdoor pvc paper as well as seamless 3m wide panels on request.

Get in touch for uniquely perfect results

Or to get a quote:


Readymades & per meter will be loaded as we make them

Make your own

Order fabric per meter to make your own creations. 

All patterns are available in 100% cotton, Mock Linen, Vintage Velvet & Linen.

You can order any size, any colour. How it works:

Choose a pattern and then choose your colour, in case you want something specific - just give us a mail - we'll make it happen.


Wild  /  Romance  /  Memory / Echo / Two-tone echo


Choose from 5 design patterns.


The 5 patterns you can choose from relate to each other accross all the bunches (design groups). Each pattern type is therefor similar and perfect for using together as a decor scheme - or for you to pick a pattern type you love. You can also shop according to bunches and use all the patterns together to form a uniquely coherent design scheme.


Wild wallpaper and fabric patterns have NO PATTERN REPEATS. We design them to the exact size of your furniture, curtains, walls etc. so that it looks like a real, wild piece of Nature.


The Romance pattern has images in all directions, some line drawings and faded flowers and leaves to give an easy to use design with no specific up or down. 


Echo brings a romantic twist to each design with patterns created from the unique flowers or leaves of each bunch.


Two-tone echo brings a modern element and great colour choices. It takes the Echo pattern into a two-tone pattern in prints that combine your favourite colours.


Memory brings a little texture to the party. Use this pattern in any two colours to tone down a room or relate designs to each other in spaces.



Two-tone Echo


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Wilderness / Cloudwatching / Autumn Glow / Off the beaten track 


Readymades & per meter will be loaded

as we make them