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From Sophia & Helena,

with love 

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It is a family affair

SophiaHelen is a brand born of the life long love-affair of flowers, colour and pattern that the mom and daughter team behind the brand has  been cultivating into this dream come true for both of them.

SophiaHelen is a celebration of all we love of life - the abundance, the joy - the riot of colour that you could be filling your everyday lives with.


We as a family have experienced some very difficult and dark times in our lives, but the commitment to finding something beautiful, something positive, in each day -  to lift each other's spirits and keep a positive look on life, is a pursuit we are 100% committed to. This is the heart of each design that is hand-painted by our own hands. Each petal, each leaf and drawing is hand-drawn and painted by us: Sophia and Helena.

It's more than a name

Most people don't know us by our birth names,

we usually go by our nicknames:

Jani & Elna

But we are born with some serious

family history in our birth names: 

Jani: Jaatje Sophia and Elna: Helena Johanna. 

Sophia means Wisdom and Helena Bright shining light - so hey - we thought - why not bring these family names into our future and let them be a metaphor for this new road ahead. Wisdom and Light. May this follow you on your own journey also.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our page, we hope that any SophiaHelen products you buy will bring you joy and an re-awakening of how beautiful life can be.

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teken in die veld.jpeg


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