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From Ester,
with love

Ester is a bunch of soft and flowy roses, ferns, and jasmine. It is a soft, romantic bunch of flowers with the option of using super fresh greens and white to bring a invigorating brightness to this rosy bunch.

From Ester with love theme bunch A4.JPG

Step 1: Decide on the SophiaHelen design you like.

Step 2: Choose the colourway you want (or ask us to customise the colours to your design idea.)

Step 3: Choose the fabric you want your chosen design on.

Step 4: Choose between ordering this design, on the fabric you want, per m OR get us to make the decor item for you.

That's it!

Below are the fabrics and wallpaper we have on offer at the moment, but as always, if you need something specific, please contact us.

How to order fabric or wallpaper at SophiaHelen designs:

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