Bring the outdoors indoors

Botanical, floral wallpapers that are hand painted designs - uniquely curated for your walls. Each print can be customised with colours etc. if you choose to, otherwise just indulge in the beautiful ready made palettes and prints. We can custom design any of the wallpaper prints for your specific wall - just get in touch! All SophiaHelen Design wallpapers are locally made, proudly South African.

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Wallpaper strip SophiaHelen
Wallpaper strip above bed
Dorethea wallpaper strip
Lindelee wallpaper strip
Alette wallpaper strip
Kids room wallpaper strip
Leah Wallpaper strip Early Bird
SophiaHelen wallpaper strip Lindelee Rom
Lindelee Wallpaper Strip Wild Big blue o
Lindelee Wallpaper Strip Romance Big Blu
Lindelee Wallpaper Strip Wild White offi
SophiaHelen wallpaper strip Lindelee Rom
SophiaHelen wallpaper strip Lindelee Rom

Wallpaper Strips

Wallpaper strips are SophiaHelen's budget friendly

alternative to wallpapering an entire wall.


Wallpaper strips will be loaded on our shop below as we make them, but because we implore you to customise these wallpaper strips with the colours and pattern you like, we'd love it if you sent us a mail with the wall you have in mind.

We'll get back to you personally with ideas and quotes on your

ideal wallpaper strip.

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Lindelee bunch.jpg
Lindelee big blue white wild.jpg

from Lindelee

with love


A bountiful bunch of blue

flowers and green leaves

lacing through each


gogga vlieg.PNG
Mariana bunch.jpg
Mariana fabric.jpg

from Mariana

with love


A bunch of wild olive branches, plumbago flowers and the small birds indigineous to South Africa that live in these bushes

gogga vlieg.PNG
gogga vlieg.PNG

from Dorethea

with love

A bunch of flowers that make us think of woodlands and wild journeys into flowery fields.

Dorethea lap.jpg
Dorethea group.PNG
gogga vlieg.PNG

from Ester

with love

Roses, ferns, small blossoms and jasmine. This is a bunch for the romantic at heart who love the greenery of wild spaces.

Ester 2.jpg
gogga vlieg.PNG

from Leah

with love

Roses, ferns, small blossoms and jasmine. This is a bunch for the romantic at heart who love the greenery of wild spaces.

Leah bunch.PNG
Leah per meter Wild WIld.jpg
Wallpaper Mariana Romance.JPG

Wallpaper pricing guide

How to work out a rough quote

  • Price per m² : R520.00

  • Width of paper: we print these wallpaper textiles to the size of your wall, so you have no seams. You can just send us the size of your wall.

  • Texture: Silky weave

Application: Wallpaper Glue

Our scratch resistant, washable wallpapers are actually wall textiles - durable, super easy to use wallpaper fabrics. Seamless application and easy to remove make these papers wonderful to use in any room for any period of time.  

We can also print on vinyl wallpapers and outdoor pvc on request.

Get in touch for uniquely perfect results

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Have those blooms on your walls!

How to get this great

deal on your walls?

Three easy steps:

  1. Browse our wallpapers and decide on a pattern or visit our Instagram or facebook page for more inspiration

  2. Measure your wall.

  3. Send us an  email  with your wall measurements and what pattern you'd like, we can help you choose patterns and customise colours to suite your unique space.

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