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Wallpaper can get rather pricey as a decor element on your walls - That's why we developed these Wallpaper Strips. Using a wallpaper strip is a great decor hack that will make your room feel extra luxurious while being kind on your pocket.


Texture: Canvas weave

Application: Wallpaper Glue

Bunch: Lindelee

Pattern: Romance

Colour: White

Our scratch resistant wallpapers are printed on a woven canvas texture, this gives your walls a beautiful, natural look and feel.


We can also print on vinyl wallpapers as well as seamless 3m wide panels on request.

Get in touch for uniquely perfect results


We can also custom print any colour as background. Just get it touch

Wallpaper Strip / Lindelee / Romance / White

R2 100,00Price
  • Production timeline

    We print your wallpaper strip uniquely for you, we will make sure to get it to you as soon as possible, but there will be a slight waiting period while we get it printed and ready for your walls.

    Normal waiting period from when we recieve your payment: 1week.

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