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Choosing a design group is like picking a bunch of flowers

Each bunch laid out below has been hand-painted and

designed for you to easily pick your favourite.

Browse the designs by bunch - or by pattern - we will be loading

these browsing options ASAP. If you want to be updated as to when these options arrive on our website - please sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook

Lindelee bunch.jpg
Lindelee big blue white wild.jpg

from Lindelee

with love


A bountiful bunch of blue

flowers and green leaves

lacing through each


gogga vlieg.PNG
Leah bunch.PNG
Leah Wild White.jpg

from Leah

with love

Happiness in a riot of colour and bold

wild flowers with strong, wild 


from Dorethea

with love

A bunch of flowers that make us think of woodlands and wild journeys into flowery fields.

Dorethea group.PNG
Dorethea lap.jpg
Mariana bunch.jpg
Mariana fabric.jpg
Alette bunch.png
Alette fabric.jpg

from Alette

with love

Bold, bright with a hint of classic gardens and tea parties - this is a happy bunch full of abundance and joy.

Ester 2.jpg

from Ester

with love

Roses, ferns, small blossoms and jasmine. This is a bunch for the romantic at heart who love the greenery of wild spaces.

from Mariana

with love

A bunch of wild olive branches, plumbago flowers and the small birds indigineous to South Africa that live in these bushes


Each of these bunches will have their own page for you to explore their full details,colourways & pattern options. While we are loading them - how about browsing the pages we have allready loaded:


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from Helena

with love

Soft petals and grassland  flowers,  pennygum leaves and poppies

fill this bunch with

a soft but joyous


of colour.

Helena bunch.png
Helena fabric.jpg
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